Blog.projectignite.com is here to supplement Project Ignite’s mission in bringing STEAM education into schools and equipping our students with the 21st century skills and creative confidence that will make them college and career ready.

We will provide you with Project Ignite relevant product and press updates, new project ideas aligned with common core, education opinion articles from our Teacher Advisory Council, and maker heuristics from our team at Autodesk to help you make the most out of Project Ignite.

About Project Ignite:
Project Ignite enables learners of all ages to gain practical hands-on experience with new software and hardware to build literacy in design, 3D, electronics, programming and more.

Integrating project content directly into Autodesk’s free, award-winning design software, and provides access to the hardware you or your students need to turn their ideas into physical objects; we are a one-stop-shop for educating the next generation of creative geniuses.